Business Camera

Business Camera Registration

The City of Peachtree Corners maintains a voluntary registry of private security cameras located within its corporate limits. When an incident occurs, law enforcement uses the registry to identify and request assistance from registered businesses with cameras located in the area where the incident occurred. By registering their camera systems, Peachtree Corners businesses enhance public safety by expediting law enforcement incident response times.

Registering your security cameras:

  • Can be completed online in a few minutes and the information you provide is only accessible to authorized public safety personnel.
  • Enhances public safety by helping law enforcement to quickly investigate incidents that occurred near your business.
  • Only allows law enforcement to contact you to request assistance, the registry does not give law enforcement or any third-party access to your cameras.
Illustration of Fusus cameras

Business Camera Integration

Registered businesses can take public safety one step further by integrating their camera system.

Camera integration allows law enforcement to access a business’s camera feed in response to an emergency at or near the business’s location. Law enforcement access the camera feed through a small fususCORE device, that plugs into the businesses’ camera system.

Businesses set their own preferences and remain in control of their camera systems. Businesses can choose to share camera feeds on a real time or case by case basis, conveniently and without network impacts.

fususCORE Devices








Artificial Intelligence: A Real-Time Force Multiplier

CORE Elite AI devices put a brain inside your camera network. No more servers, camera license fees, or expensive network infrastructure to process video data right at the source.

CORE devices enable any camera or security network to be upgraded to a cloud-connected, AI assisted system without an expensive hardware overhaul. Each device comes pre-loaded with dozens of search and analysis variables and profiles that are ready for action.

Users can set alert profiles. When a match to the search parameters appears on any camera in the designated area of interest, alerts are automatically triggered. These tools enable smaller security teams to work smarter and more efficiently.